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quotations, aphorisms, proverbs, song lyrics, verses and jokes. If possible they will be posted in the "Wisdom Code".


About us


Wisdom Code is one of the main projects of Wisdom Code International, which is an international non-governmental organization.


Project’s goal:

collect people’s knowledge in all languages of the world, for example:

  • quotations, aphorisms, proverbs;
  • poems, song lyrics;
  • anecdotes, jokes and caricatures.


The work on the creation of "Wisdom Code", whose founder is Pavel Kurianoff, began in 1987. The old proverb "wisdom is in the patience" was the first article in "Wisdom Code".


As a result, at the beginning of 2011 "Wisdom Code International" was found as a non-governmental organization. From this moment "Wisdom Code" project is being managed by Wisdom Code International. "Wisdom Code" has no limitations in the number of articles and language versions.


Please, note that "Wisdom Code" consists of articles, which were received from very different sources, especially from Internet users and our volunteers. So that, we cannot guarantee that all articles are represented in their original form. Most of the time it is not possible to prove the sources. We try our best to put reliable information into the "Wisdom Code", but as it was mentioned before, we cannot provide you with any guarantees.


Everybody, who thinks his/her rights and interests were broken because their private information appeared on the "Wisdom Code", can contact us by These articles will be removed from the free use immediately after the request of their rightful owner.


Nobody, who is somehow connected to "Wisdom Code", bares any responsibility for inaccurate or false information on the "Wisdom Code", as well as for its users.


We always try to improve "Wisdom Code" and make it comfortable for use. Though we will be grateful to receive your suggestions and criticism regarding the website. We will also be pleased to all who can offer us articles for "Wisdom Code".



- Do not forget to prove your articles for their presence in the database;

- Do not offer us articles, which are protected by copyrights, as well as articles which contradict established laws, morals and ethics.


"Wisdom Code" relies on the support of its users and all interested parties. You can help us by granting your time or making a donation. All your support will be appreciated!